Q 1. How the Bulgarians and Greek say no? Choose one of these two options:
  • Like the girl
  • Like the boy

Q 2. Which of these cultures would you associate with arms waving?

  •     Japan
  •     Mediterranean and Latin Countries
  •     Northern Europeans

Q 3. It’s well known that this gesture is used by Rock music fans, but it may also have another meaning. Which one?

  •     A sign to tell the others that they are in a hurry
  •     A sign that people make to tell others that someone has cheated on them

Q 4. Which of these cultures do you think that would feel more uncomfortable with physical touch as a social gesture?

  •      Italians
  •     Germans
  •     Mexicans
  •     Greeks

Q 5. In some cultures, eye contact is expected but in one of these countries it makes people feel embarrassed. Which one?

  •     France
  •     Spain
  •     Japan
  •     Turkey