1) How long did Apex Legends take to come out?

  • Answer: Same day as anouncement
2) What's the name of this Apex Legends Hero?

  • Answer: Bangalore
3) Gibraltar has 3 abilities. Gun Shield, Dome of Protection and...?

  • Answer: Defensive Bombardment
4) What's the name of the company behind Apex Legends?
  • Answer: Respawn Entertainment

5) Apex Legends became the most streamed title on Twitch, leaving behind which other popular title?

  • Answer: Fortnite 
6) How many heroes did Apex Legends originally launch with?

  • Answer: 8
7) What are Apex Legends' version of lootboxes called?

  • Answer: Apex Packs
 8) What game universe does Apex Legends occur in?

  • Answer: Titanfall
9) Up to what number of players are allowed inside a match?
  • Answer: Up To 60 Players

10) Wattson is one of the newest legends to arrive to Apex Legends, which of this abilities does she have?

  • Answer: Spark of Genius
11) Which of the following statements is true?

  • Answer: Apex legends has a season pass
12) What's the name of this Apex Legends Hero?

  • Answer: Lifeline
13) Heirloom Packs are the extremely rare items found in Apex Packs, how likely are you to get one when opening a pack?

  • Answer: 1 in 500 Chances
14) What's the name of this Apex Legends Hero?
  • Answer: Bloodhound

15) What company served as the publisher of Apex Legends?

  • Answer: Electronic Arts
16) How many people make up a team in Apex Legends?

  • Answer: 3
17) This hero is one of the fan favorites, what's its name?

  • Answer: Pathfinder
18) Wraith has some of the most powerful abilities in the game. What's the name of her ultimate?

  • Answer: Dimensional Rift
19) Caustic was a scientist before fighting in the arena. What's his name?

  • Answer: Alexander Nox
20) What's the name of the currency used in Apex Legends?

  • Answer: Apex coins

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