1.What year was the company Apple founded?

  • 1976
2.The original Apple Watch was available in 3 different presentations. The Apple Watch, The Apple Watch Sport and...

  • the Apple Watch Editon
3.What year saw the introduction of the original iPhone?

  • 2007
4.The very first Apple Store was first opened to customers back in 2001, what state was it located in?

  • Virginia
5.What version of the iPhone was the first one to have a dual camera setup on the back?

  • iphone 7  plus 
6.Who was the person that appeared in the first video that introduced the original Apple Store?

  • Steve Jobs
7.What was the name of the new kind of Macbook introduced in 2015?

  • Macbook
8.The Macbook Pro was the first of Apple's computers to get a touch bar, what year saw this innovation being introduced?

  • 2016
9.The iMac was first introduced in 1998, but it also had a model name. It was called the iMac...

  •  G3
10.Only one Apple's laptops has had a black option to purchase. What's the name of this Macbook?

  • MacBook
11.iOS 7 was the biggest aesthetic revamp of iOS since its introduction. What year did it come out?

  • 2013
12.When you double tap one of your earpods, there's a functionality that triggers which you can customize. What's the default option?

  • Ask Siri
13.What's the name in the function in iPadOS which allows you to replicate/extend your Apple computer's monitor?

  • Sidecar 
14.What was the last year the iPod Touch received a hardware update?

  • 2019 
15.Apple faced some criticism when users noticed that the reception for their iPhone wasn't as good as in previous models. What was this scandal popularly known as?

  • Antennagate
16.The stand for the monitor of the new Mac Pro became infamous because of its price, which was...

  • $999
17.In what year was the iPad originally introduced in?

  • 2010
18.What's the name of the latest version of the iPad?

  • iPad  pro  
19.What's the name of the pencil-like accessory that's commonly used with the iPad?

  • Apple Pencil
20.What was the last iPhone that Steve Jobs ever introduced?

  • IPhone 4

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