1) What was the movie which gave the MCU its start?

  • Answer: Iron Man
2) Which country did Tony Stark present his Jericho missile in on Iron Man 1?

  • Answer: Afghanistan
3) Post credit scenes are now a given for MCU movies, but which one of these films did not have one?

  • Answer: Avengers: Endgame
4) In the first Avengers movie, which actor was supposed to play Bruce Banner before Mark Ruffalo.

  • Answer: Edward Norton
5) What movie from the MCU did Thanos first appear in?

  • Answer: The Avengers
6) In addition to Gamora, Thanos is father to which other MCU character?

  • Answer: Nebula
7) Stark Tower is which of the following buildings in real life?

  • Answer: The MetLife Building
8) Captain America originally captured Loki alongside which other Avenger?

  • Answer: Iron Man

9) Ultron was voiced by which famous Hollywood actor?

  • Answer: James Spader

10) With the recent acquisition of Fox by Disney, it seems plausible that the MCU will include the X-men at some point. Which actor requested to be in an Avengers films way back in 2014?

  • Answer: Hugh Jackman
11) How many films is Phase One comprised of?

  • Answer: 6 Films
12) How many films is Phase Two comprised of?

  • Answer: 6 Films

13) How many films is Phase Three comprised of?

  • Answer: 6 Films

14) Iron Man is going to be replaced moving forward, which other Marvel character will take his place?

  • Answer: Iron Lad
15) How many visual effects (VFX) did Avengers: Age of Ultron have?

  • Answer: 3000

16)Which Avenger that was set to appear in Avengers: Infinity War, but didn't?

  • Answer: Captain Marvel

17) Thanos has a brother who was a member of The Avengers, what's his name?

  • Answer: Eros

18) What is Gamora's weapon of choice's name?

  • Answer: Godslayer
19) Initially Bruce Banner's transformation wasn't only triggered by anger, but also by...

  • Answer: The Night

20) What's the name of Tony Stark's father?
  • Answer: Howard Stark

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