1) Twitch is a spinoff of what website?

  • Answer: Justin.tv

2) What big company is the owner of Twitch after buying it in 2014?

  • Answer: Amazon

3) Ninja is probably the most Twitch streamer that has been on the platform. What game is he most famous for playing?

  • Answer: Fortnite

4) What is Ninja's real name?

  • Answer: Richard Tyler Blevins

5) In relatively recent times, Ninja decided to move to a new platform. Which platform is it?

  • Answer: Mixer

6) Ninja collaborated with Astralwerks in order to create his first music album. What's the name of the album?

  • Answer: Ninjawerks: Vol 1

7) Ninja is married to another Twitch streamer in real life. What's Ninja's wife's name?

  • Answer: Jessica Goch
8) Shroud is a very popular Twitch streamer, what's his real name?

  • Answer: Michael Grzesiek

9) Shroud used to belong to a very big eSports team. Which team is it?

  • Answer: Cloud9

10) Not unlike traditional sports, eSports have actually become a common place for use of Performance Enhancing Drugs. Which PED did Shroud admit to using?

  • Answer: Adderall
11) Shroud is known for playing a lot of games, but he's won tournaments of which of the following games?

  • Answer: PUBG

12) Which of the following streamers called Shroud "the best shooter in PUBG"?

  • Answer: Ninj

13) What's the name of this popular streamer, also known as Myth?

  • Answer: Ali Kabani
14) Myth is one of the youngest popular Fortnite streamers. What year was he born?

  • Answer: 1999
15) Myth is also likely the most popular face of what famous eSports team?

  • Answer: Team Solo Mid

16) Myth is a graduate of which High School?

  • Answer: Fordson High School

17) Tfue is considered by some to be the best Fortnite player currently in the world. What's his real name?

  • Answer: Turner Tenney

18) Tfue gained a lot of notoriety as of late because he sued the team he used to belong to. What team was it?

  • Answer: FaZe Clan

19) Tfue is also one of the most active Fortnite players in the whole Twitch world. What's his timeplay average per week?

  • Answer: 70 Hours

20) Dr. Disrespect is one of the most interesting Twitch streamers for his portrayal of a typical "bro" gamer. What's his real name?

  • Answer: Herschel Beahm IV

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