Q1.National defence academy is situated at ?
  • Khadakvasla Pune

Q2.GNLF stands for
  • Gorkha National Liberation Front

Q3.When did US solar system probe Voyager-two discovered six new moons of the planet Uranus?
  • 1986

Q4.In which of the following pairs the two substances forming the pair are chemically most dissimilar?
  • Butter and paraffin wax

Q5.The territorial army was established in?
  • 1920

Q6.National institute of mental health is located at?
  • Bangalore

Q7.The temperature needed to keep the earth's surface and the atmosphere in thermal equilibrium is called?
  • The mean global surface temperature

Q8.In which world cup cricket final australia beat england?
  • 1987, Kolkata – India

Q9.The northern portion of the western coastal plain is called?
  • Konkan plain

Q10.The main objectives of the un are?
  •  All of the above

Q11.Walt disney was?
  • Was a cartoonist and entrepreneur who developed a multibillion-dollar family entertainment empire. Disney was the renowned creator of Mickey Mouse, the first sound cartoon, the first Technicolor cartoon, and the first feature-length cartoon

Q12.Oscar awards were instituted in?
  • 1929

Q13.Robert koch worked on?
  • Tuberculosis