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Amazon Sony 1000XM3 Headphone Quiz Answers 
Q1-  Who played the role of an imaginary version of Adolf Hitler in the movie Jojo Rabbit?
  • Taika Waititi
Q2- Which Vietnamese city, with a dazzling new street circuit, is the latest addition to the F1 calendar?
  •  Hanoi
Q3-  Pravasi Bhartiya Kendra has been renamed after which late Union Minister?
  •   Sushma Swaraj
Q4- As per the Guinness World Records, the current oldest living man on the earth belongs to which country?
  •  Japan
Q5-  ________ is the highest award for a military unit in India. It was recently bestowed on INS Shivaji which comprises of 130 Officers and 630 sailors of the Indian Navy. (Fill in the Blank)

  •  President’s Colour

 Amazon LG Quiz Answers
1. UltraGear Gaming Monitor is Gaming Brand of Which Company?
  •  LG
2. UltraGear Gaming monitor has Refresh Rate (Refresh rate is the number of times your monitor updates with new images each second.) up to 240Hz. The main advantage of high refresh rate in a monitor is that it results in a smoother picture.
  • True
3. Which of these is NOT true for UltraGear Gaming Monitor. true for UltraGear Gaming Monitor.
  • Can Fly
4. The LG UltraGear monitor come with a ______ year warranty. (Fill in the blank)
  •  3
5. LG UltraGear gaming monitor starts from ?13,500. You can avail ‘No cost EMI up to 9 months’ to purchase this from Amazon.in.
  • True

Amazon Galaxy M31 Quiz Answers
1. In which year did Samsung Galaxy M series launch?
  •  2019
2. Which of these is NOT a Samsung Galaxy M series model?
  •  M 3.1
3. Which of these are the features of upcoming Samsung Galaxy M31?
  •  All of theAbove
4. Which of these hashtags is associated with the Samsung Galaxy M31?
  •  Megamonster
5. How many lenses does the rear camera of Samsung Galaxy M31 have?
  •  4

Amazon Special Edition Quiz Answers
1.  Amazon has partnered with the AWPO (Army Welfare Placement Organization) to launch the Military Veterans Employment Program. Via this program Amazon hires former military personnel.
  •  True
2. I Have _______ program is a delivery partnership of Amazon with small store owners that is transforming lives. It is a business opportunity in which local entrepreneurs/stores partner with Amazon for delivery/pickup services within their area. (Fill in the blank)
  • Space
3. Which is the first Indian start up to offer parental leaves for both men and women?
  • Zomato
4. Which of these initiatives from the government of India has the slogan ‘Kaushal Bharat Kushal Bharat’?
  • Skill India
5. Which of these is the minimum investment required for store owners to be part of the ‘I Have Space’ program?
  •  No Investment Required  

Amazon Nilkamal Quiz Answers
1.  Which of the below is a new range of mattresses by Nilkamal, recently launched on Amazon.in?
  •  Doctar Dreams
2. The Doctor Dreams range of mattresses starts from ?7,499. You can also avail 'No cost EMI' to purchase this from Amazon.in.
  • True
3. The Doctor Dreams range of mattresses are dust and sag resistant. Which of the below is NOT an effect which using Doctor Dreams mattresses could have?
  •  Gives You Wings
4. Doctor dreams mattress comes gets delivered to you in a vacuum packed roll, which you can unbox, roll out, remove the plastic wrap and start using.
  • True
5. All Doctor dreams mattresses come with a ____ warranty. Fill in the blanks
  • 10 Years