1) How much in savings does the average American that retires in their 50s have?
  • Answer: $117.000

2) How much does an American penny cost to make?
  • Answer: 2.4 Cents

3) Over 50% of all lottery ticket sales are made by what percentage of people playing?
  • Answer: 5%

4) Speaking of the lottery, organized gambling makes more money than...?
  • Answer: All Of The Above

5) Dirty money: what percentage of bills is infected with some kind of bacteria?
  • Answer: 94%
6) How much Monopoly money is printed each year?
  • Answer: 50 Billion

7) What percentage of the World's money is available in physical form?
  • Answer: 8%

8) What is the largest denomination of a piece of US currency?
  • Answer: $100,000 Bill

9) How many billions do Americans spend on fast food per year?
  • Answer: $117 Billion

10) And since we're on the subject of billions, how many billions are paid each year in Credit Card interest by Americans?
  • Answer: $104 Billion

11) Assuming you have no debts, how much money do you need to be wealthier than 20% of Americans?
  • Answer: $10

12) Tipping is important, how much do Americans tip on average?
  • Answer: 16.4%

13) What can you do to get a cheaper car insurance policy?
  • Answer: All of the above

14) You can save money by buying food at the supermarket by buying it during...?
  • Answer: Just before closing

15) What is the kind of debt that you can't get rid of by declaring bankruptcy?
  • Answer: Student Loan Debt
16) What percentage of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck?
  • Answer: 61%

17) What's a basic difference that you get paying with cash instead of credit?
  • Answer: You feel pain

18) What is the number one cause of divorce in the US?
  • Answer: Money Grievances

19) Bringing lunch from home to work can save you how much over a lifetime?
  • Answer: $112,000

20) What financial habit sticks permanently with people who practice it for at least 10 months?
  • Answer: Saving Money