What plus 9 equals 18?
  • 9
What time does this clock show?
  • 11:55
What is 60+90+50+45?
  • 245
What is 700-77?
  • 623
What is 10+67-33?
  • 44
The whole class is working on group projects. Each group is made up of 5 people and there are 4 groups. How many people are in the class?
  • 20
Lucy goes to the grocery store and buys 12 packs of noodles. She gets home and realizes she already has 6 packs of noodles. How many packs does she have total?
  • 18 packs
If each square is one centimeter squared, what is the area of this rectangle?
  • 21 cm2
You have a dollar bill, two quarters, two dimes, and a penny. How much money do you have?
  • $1.71
How would you write the purple section of this shape as a fraction? Please reduce.
  • 1/3
Round 35 to the nearest ten.
  • 40
If you are counting by twos, what comes after 42?
  • 44
Mary walked 3/4 miles one day, 2/3 of a mile the next day, and 1.33 miles the next day. How many miles did she walk in total?
  • 2 3/4 miles
The Banks family car goes 500 miles on 8 gallons of gas. How far can they go on one gallon?
  • 62.5 miles
In Ms. Hanson's class, 4 of the students failed their science test. Her class has 36 students in it. What percentage of her students passed the test?
  • 88%
A recipe for soup calls for one part carrots for two parts celery and three parts broth. If the person making soup uses 6 cups of broth, how many cups of carrots do they need?
  • 2 cups
Tom's drivers test has 30 questions. If he got 80% of the questions right, how many did he miss?
  • 6
This living room is 700 square feet total. It is 35 feet long. How wide is the room?
  • 20 feet
30% of the students at Randolph Elementary School are in Kindergarten. If there are 18 kindergartners in total, how many students are there at this school?
  • 60
Christine has 2.5 liters of Coke and 1.25 liters of Sprite in her fridge. Marco has 0.5 liters of Coke and 1.75 liters of Sprite in his fridge. How much more soda does Christine have than Marco?
  • 1.5 liters
Sammy put 1,000 into a savings account that gains 10% annual interest. After one year, he withdraws $50. How much money is in his savings account now?
  • $1,050
It takes the Matthews family 7 hours and 15 minutes to get to Disney World. If they leave their house at 8:30am, what time will they arrive at Disney to start their vacation?
  • 3:45pm
Isabel gets $5 per week in allowance for doing chores around the house. How long will it take her to save enough money to buy the toy she's saving for that's priced at $22?
  • 5 weeks
Charlotte has 15 dresses in her closet. If she gives away 8 pairs of pants, 2 dresses, and buys 5 new dresses, how many dresses does she have now?
  • 18
It normally takes Angela 30 minutes to get home, but she got stuck in an hour of additional traffic. Yikes! If she leaves work at 6:30pm, what time will she get home?
  • 8:00 PM
Steve wantsto cut a cake recipe in half. The standard recpe calls for 2/3 cup of butter. How much butter does he need?
  • 1/3 cup
Mike buys a giant bag of M&Ms. He counts out 53 brown pieces, 47 blue pieces, 30 red pieces, 22 green pieces, 40 yellow pieces, and 38 orange pieces. How many M&Ms were in the bag?
  • 230
Ellie is trying to drink a gallon of water every day. If there are 128 oz in a gallon and her water bottle is 24 oz, how many times will she refill her water bottle in a day?
  • 6

For the babies born in 2020, what year will it be when they turn 90?
  • 2110
If New York is 3 hours ahead of Los Angeles and a flight from New York to Los Angeles typically takes 6 hours. If a flight leaving New York takes off at 7:30pm what time will it land in Los Angeles?
  • 10:30PM
Maggie is raising money for her short film on a crowdfunding platform. She wants to raise $5,3000 and she has 756 Facebook friends. How much money would each friend have to donate for her to make her goal?
  • $7.01
Clara wants to make cookies for her friend's birthday party. If there are 30 people expected to come and each tray makes 12 cookies, how many trays should she put in the oven if she wants everyone at the party to have two cookies?
  • 5
Susan's age divided by 15 is 5. How old is Susan?
  • 75 years old
If you're running late to a meeting that's 5 miles away from your house, how fast will you have to travel on average if you want to get there in five minutes?
  • 60 miles per hour
When left alone in the house, her dog was able to chew through 5 shoes in one hour and her cat destroyed 2 shoes per hour. In the four hours Jamie was at work, how many pairs of shoes did she lose?
  • 14
On day 1 Katie can hold her breath for 30 seconds. Each day she can hold her breath for twice as long as she could the day before. On what day will it take Katie be able to hold her breath for two minutes?
  • Day 3