Has the coronavirus been labled as a pandemic or an epidemic?
  • Pandemic
Which of these is not a symptom of the coronavirus?
  • Vomiting
Tuberculosis is spread by:
  • Breathing in TB bacteria
Name the most deadly pandemic in the world:
When was the last reported case of smallpox in the U.S.?
  • 1949
Which of the following has not been cured?
How many people died during the SARS outbreak of 2003?
  • 774
The coronavirus has been centralized in what Chinese city?
  • Wuhan
The Spanish Flu killed more people between 1918 to 1919 than the casualties caused by which war?
  • World War 1
True or false: Face masks do little to protect against a pandemic.
  • True
How was the bubonic plague spread during the Middle Ages?
  • Flea and rodent bites
Which pandemic was transferred from person to person by body lice?
  • Typhus
What is the best way to protect yourself from the coronavirus?
  • Washing hands regularly and practicing good personal hygiene 
The Black Death was another name for what famous pandemic?
  • Bubonic Plague
True or false: The coronavirus originated from someone eating a dish called“bat soup."
  • False
The flu pandemic of 1968 killed how many people worldwide?
  • One million
What year did the first case of Swine Flu occur in the U.S.?
  • 2009
True or false: You can contract the coronavirus by handling packages sent from China.
  • False