What is the name of the family who own and live in Downton Abbey?
  • Crawley
Who plays the character Lord Grantham?
  • Hugh Bonneville
Downton Abbey is set in which county?
  • Yorkshire
Carson, played by Jim Carter, has what position in the Downton household?
  • a) Gamekeeper
  • b) Head Chef
  • c) Butler
Lady Mary, played by Michelle Dockery, was married how many times?
  • Twice
What is the title of Violet Crawley, played by Maggie Smith, in the series?
  • a) Lady Crawley
  • b) Duchess of Grantham
  • c) Dowager Countess of Grantham
Tom Branson, who married into the Crawley family, had previously held which position for the household?
  • Chauffeur
Which Hampshire castle forms the backdrop to the series?
  • Highclere Castle