The collective term for sheep is

  • a flock
A young bear is

  • a cub
A fully-grown male horse is

  • a stallion
The collective term for fish is

  • a school
What does a tadpole turn into as it grows?

  • a frog
Which word means "a young goose"?

  • gosling
What's a drake?

  • a male duck
Did you count the lions in the _______ you saw?

  • pride
Our oldest _______ has given birth to dozens of kids.

  • nanny
A filly is no longer a foal, but it's still not a

  • Mare
A male chicken is called

  • a rooster
A young sheep is called

  • a lamb
A female pig is called

  • a sow
A baby kangaroo is called

  • a joey
A tigress is a _______ tiger.

  • female
A foal is a _______ horse.

  • young
A vixen is a _______ fox.

  • female
Which word is used for a male elephant and a male whale?

  • bull
Which word is used for a female dog and a female wolf?

  • bitch
Which word is used for the young of wolves, tigers, lions and foxes?

  • cub