Q1. Welcome to the Big Apple! Can you choose the correct puzzle piece?

Q2. The glitz and glam of Hollywood! Can you complete this picture?

Q3. Can you choose the right piece to complete Mount Rushmore?

Q4. Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas! Can you choose the right puzzle piece?

Q5. Can you complete this American marvel?

Q6. The majestic Grand Canyon! Which piece fits here?

Q7. Can you find the right piece to complete Hoover Dam?

Q8. Can you complete St. Louis’s elegant Gateway Arch?

Q9. Choose the correct piece and complete the Alamo!

Q10. Can you complete this beautiful picture of our nation’s capital?

Q11. Can you complete this tranquil lighthouse scene?

Q12. See if you can you complete New York City’s Guggenheim Museum!

Q13. Can you complete Philadelphia’s Independence Hall?

Q14. Can you find the perfect piece to complete this stunning image of Utah’s Arches National Park?

Q15. Can you complete this colorful Yellowstone hot spring?

Q16. Can you complete this charming New England scene?

Q17. Find the right puzzle piece to complete this lush Louisiana picture!

Q18. Aloha from Hawaii! Can you complete this breathtaking picture of one of Hawaii’s most beautiful beaches?

Q19. Can you complete this picture of Niagara Falls?

Q20. Stalactites and stalagmites galore! Choose the right piece to complete this picture of Carlsbad Caverns!