1. The first letter of the first word in a sentence should be
  •  a large letter
  •  a capital letter
2. The order of a basic positive sentence is
  •  Subject-Verb-Object
  •  Verb-Object-Subject
3. Every sentence must have a subject and
  •  a verb
  •  an object
4. A plural subject needs
  • a singular verb 
  • a plural verb
5. When two singular subjects are connected by or, use
  •  a singular verb
  •  a plural verb
6. Adjectives usually come
  •  before a noun
  •  after a noun
7. If an opinion-adjective and a fact-adjective are used before a noun, which comes first?
  •  a fact-adjective
  •  an opinion-adjective
8. In British English, a collective noun is usually treated as
  •  singular
  •  plural
9. The terms "its" and "it's" have
  •  the same meaning
  •  different meanings
10. Which is correct?
  •  You're looking good
  •  Your looking good