1. What unit is used to measure the heat of peppers?
  • Scoville Heat Unit (SHU)
2. What is the hottest part of the pepper?
  • Placental surrounding the seed
3. What country produces the largest amount of peppers? 
  • China 
4. What is the best drink to cool the burning sensation? 
  • Milk 
5. Which is not a relative of the pepper plant?
  • Asparagus
6. What pepper is used to make Frank's Red Hot?
  • Cayenne
7. What is the compound that gives peppers their heat?
  • Capsaicin
8. Which pepper is hottest?
  • Carolina Reaper
9. What is the mildest group of peppers?
  • Sweet Bell Peppers, Sweet Banana, Pimento
10. What is the hottest pepper on the Scoville Heat Unit index?
  • Carolina Reaper