Q 1. Mary needs cinnamon for her pumpkin pie. Which one is cinnamon?
  • A
Q 2. Mary needs help in picking the best turkey. According to Martha Stewart, what’s the golden rule for choosing the right size turkey?
  • One-and-a-half pounds per person
Q 3. Mary’s got her turkey and now she wants to make some stuffing. She doesn’t know what kind of bread to use. Can you help her?
  • Old and dry bread
Q 4. Mary’s ready to put her turkey in the oven, but she can’t remember what the temperature inside of the turkey should be when it’s done. Do you know?
  • 165

Q 5. Mary’s ready to start on her green bean casserole! The recipe calls for many different herbs. Which one would she probably NOT use?
  • D
Q 6. Mary needs a pinch of allspice, but she doesn’t know what it looks like. Can you help her pick it out?
  • A
Q 7. Mary’s green bean casserole looks great…but it’s missing something. What’s typically put on top of green bean casseroles?
  • Fried onions
Q 8. Mary’s making eggnog. She needs nutmeg but isn’t sure what it looks like. Can you help her out?
  • A
Q 9. Mary wants to make fluffy mashed potatoes. For fluffy mashed potatoes, which potatoes should Mary choose?
  • A high starch potato, like russets and Yukon golds
Q 10. Mary’s Thanksgiving meal is finished! How many Thanksgiving dishes can you find in this word search?
  • 9