What is Elvis Presley s middle name?
  • Aaron

Who is the singer of The Counting Crows?
  • Adam Duritz

Who was the Queen of Soul?
  • Aretha Franklin

What is the lowest male voice?
  • Bass voice

Which famous group was once known as The Quarrymen?
  • The Beatles

What was the name of AC / DC s lead singer who died in 1980?
  • Bon Scott

Which group performed the song Dear God?
  • The group XTC

What is Madonna s full name
  • Madonna Louise Ciccone

What is the name of the Irish singer who won the Eurovision Song Contest twice?
  • Johnny Logan

What is the noisy invention of Louis Glass in 1890 called?
  • Jukebox

Who is the frontman of The Prodigy?
  • Keith Flint

Who is the drummer of Metallica?
  • Lars Ulrich

Which group did have a hit with the Macarena?
  • Los Del Rio

Who did win the most Grammy Awards in the 80?
  • Michael Jackson

How many strings has a mandolin got?
  • Eight strings

What is the biggest hit of Bing Crosby?
  • White Christmas

What is the surname of the singer Rihanna?
  • Fenty

Which British pop group had a hit called Angel Eyes in the seventies?
  • Roxy Music

How many lines has a music staff (or music stave) got?
  • Five lines
Which singer was nicknamed the Voice of Europe after having wun the Eurovision Song Contest three times?
  • Johnny Logan

Who composed the music for the Spaghetti Western The Good, The Bad and The Ugly with Clint Eastwood ?
  • Ennio Morricone

Which pop singer married Debbie Rowe?
  • Michael Jackson

Which British singer had a hit in 2006 with Rehab ?
  • Amy Winehouse

What was Mozart s nationality?
  • Austrian

How many strings does a violin have?
  • Four strings

What was Madonna s first top 10 single?
  • Holiday

Which band had a number 1 hit with "Barbie Girl"?
  • Aqua

In which city was John Lennon killed?
  • New York

Which rock group had a hit with The Final Countdown?
  • Europe

Which country does Celine Dion come from?
  • Canada

Who was Elvis Presley s manager?
  • Kolonel Parker

Who is the artist of the song imperfect flower
  • Quando rondo

Whats does nba youngboy stand for
  • Youngboy never broke again

Who is Tina Snow?
  • Megan Thee Stallion