Which word means "also" or "as well"?
  • Too
Which word describes the title held by a powerful person?
  • Baron
Which word describes a large group of people?
  • Horde
Which word describes a natural ability or talent?
  • Flair
Which word means to make a hole in something?
  • Bore
Which word refers to very thin fabric?
  • Sheer
Spell the word that means "to solicit votes"?
  • Canvass
This word refers to a group of entertainers:
  • Troupe
Which word refers to a persons' sense of taste?
  • Palate
This word refers to the price you pay for a ticket:
  • Fare
Utensils used for writing letters are:
  • Stationery
This book is shorter ______ that one.
  • And
This word implies you understand someone's point of view:
  • Acknowledgement
A duel with someone verbally is called an _________.
  • Argument
Predators hunt ________.
  • Prey
We have reached a ________.
  • Consensus
I did my best to ________ what happened.
  • Ascertain
My insurance ________ is really high.
  • Deductible
I _______ in true love!
  • Believe
If you don't normally catch cold, you're probably this:
  • Resistant
What's another word for small?
  • Mini
Fish live in the _____.
  • Sea
This word also means "two" in Latin!
  • Bi
Your behavior is un __________.
  • Acceptable
I'll make sure to put your wedding date on my ________.
  • Calendar
We buried grandpa in the local ________.
  • Cemetery
I love it! You ______ my expectations.
  • Exceeded
pell the word that implies "to allow."
  • Accommodate
The garage where an airplane is kept is called a...
  • Hangar
Utensils used for writing letters are:
  • Stationery
Which of the following spellings is correct?
  • Commitment
Can I get ____ opinion on my new hat?
  • Your
My mom always does this...
  • Embarrass
Your old baseball card might be a....
  • Collectible
I will _______ be there!
  • Definitely
It takes a lot of self-_______ to cut out sugar.
  • Discipline
I love it! You ______ my expectations.
  • Exceeded
This warranty has a 90-day ________.
  • Guarantee
My neighbor's dog always _______ me.
  • Harasses
I was ______ with the vaccine.
  • Inoculated
My school offers _________ study.
  • Independent
My husband got me fine _________ for our anniversary.
  • Jewelry