Q1.Can you put this image in the right order?
  • ACB
Q2.Do you know what comes next in this series?
  • B
Q3.Can you spot the one that's different?
  • C
Q4.Play the video below and see if you can answer the question!
  • 12
Q5.Henrietta receives a Valentine’s card from a secret admirer. The admirer uses the codename ‘Dgplcokp’. Henrietta cracks the code and replies using the name ‘Jgptkgvvs.’ What is her admirer’s name?
  • Benjamin
Q6.Mrs Brown gets her class of 21 children to stand in a circle. She chooses the child in the first position to give one of 21 Valentine’s cards anti-clockwise to the person next to their neighbour. The children keep passing the cards in this pattern until they all have one. The child at which position is last to receive a card?
  • 3
Q7.Press play to see if you can figure out the answer to our fun riddle!
  • 12