1. Which Game Was Created First?
  • Pong
2. Which Of These Items Was Created First?
  • Umbrella
3. Did The iPhone Come Out Before Minecraft, Or Was It Vice Versa?
  • iPhone
4. Did People Enjoy Gum Or Mints To Freshen Their Breathes First?
  • Mints
5. Was the Bow and Arrow Used Before The Sword?
  • Bow & Arrow
6. Which Company Was Created First?
  • Apple
7. Were Emojis Invented Before the Ipod, Or Is It The Other Way?
  • Emojis
8. Did We Enjoy Chocolate Chip Cookies First, Or Did We Invent the Electric Razor Before?
  • Electric Razor
9. Was The Smiley Face Created First, Or Was It The Cassette Tape?
  • Cassette Tape
10. Did We Enjoy The Popsicle Or The Banana Split First?
  • Banana Split
11. Was Checkers a Board Game Before Chess?
  • Checkers
12. Was The First Laptop Invented Before The First Game Console?
  • Game Console
13. Are The Ancient Pyramids Older Than Stonehenge? Which Came First?
  • Pyramids
14. Which Board Was Used Before The Other?
  • Surfboard
15. Which Came First, The Internet Or Email?
  • Email