Q1. What is cryptocurrency?
✔️Right Answer: A digital asset that functions as a medium of exchange
Q2. When was the first Cryptocurrency made available?
✔️Right Answer:2009

Q3. Which was the first cryptocurrency created?
✔️Right Answer: Bitcoin

Q4. In which technology is cryptocurrency based?
✔️Right Answer: Blockchain

Q5. What is a crypto Wallet?
✔️Right Answer: A software that enables you to send and receive cryptocurrencies
Q6. What does the concept “mining” mean in cryptocurrencies?
✔️Right Answer: The process of adding new cryptocurrency to its ecosystem by solving a computational puzzle.

Q7. Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?
✔️Right Answer:The inventor of Bitcoin and Blockchain

Q8. Who received the first Bitcoin transaction?
✔️Right Answer: Hal Finney

Q9. What is the smallest Bitcoin value?
✔️Right Answer:Satoshi

Q10. How many millions of Bitcoin units will be eventually available?
✔️Right Answer: 21 Million
Q11. Can the blockchain technology be used for something else than Cryptocurrencies?
✔️Right Answer: Yes, Absolutely

Q12. In which countries is Bitcoin Illegal?
✔️Right Answer: Cambodia, Ecuador, Nepal, Algeria, Bolivia, and Bangladesh.

Q13. Which government is in control of Bitcoin?
✔️Right Answer: None

Q14. Are cryptocurrency holders subject to taxes?
✔️Right Answer:It depends on the country

Q15. Who are some famous people who have invested in Bitcoin?
✔️Right Answer: Myke Tyson, Ashton Kutcher, Gwyneth Paltrow, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Q16. Which was the infamous site in the Deep Web where people could buy drugs and weapons with Bitcoin?
✔️Right Answer:Silk Road

Q17. What is the last name of the identical twins that sued Facebook who became Bitcoin billionaires?
✔️Right Answer:Winklevoss
Q18. In 2010 a man paid for two pizzas with 10,000 Bitcoins. Today those pizzas would be worth?
✔️Right Answer: Around US$ 100,000,000

Q19. Who was the first person to become a millionaire with Bitcoin?
✔️Right Answer: Roger Ver

Q20. If a person would have invested US$10 in Bitcoin at the end of 2010 and sell those Bitcoin today, how much money would he/she have made?
✔️Right Answer: Around US$ 350,000