Q 1.Let’s get started! Use the CLUES on the cards to answer the questions! Can you tell us which holiday we are talking about here?
  • Answer: Easter
Q 2. Look at the clues on the board and tell us what these two things are!
  • Answer: Flowers
Q 3.To which country would we go to view magnificent displays of these trees?
  • Answer: Japan
Q 4.Take a look at the clue on the board! What does it mark?
  • Answer: First day of spring
Q 5.What are we referring to here?
  • Answer: Easter egg roll
Q 6.Look at the foreign language on the board! It means “Happy Easter” but in which language?
  • Answer: German
Q 7.How many of these vegetables are ready to pick in spring?
  • Answer: Asparagus and radish
Q 8.Take a look at the clue on the board! Growing in spring, what is the main ingredient of this dish?
  • Answer: Spinach
Q 9.What are we referring to here?
  • Answer: Passover
Q 10.Select the animals that wake up in spring!
  • Answer: All of them
Q 11.Well done for the spring-themed part of the wheel! Here come the general knowledge clues! In which country would you find these two clues?
  • Answer: Australia
Q 12.Look at the clues on the cards and find the singer that sang these two songs!
  • Answer: Madonna
Q 13.The wheel spins again! Look at the clues to figure out which event we are referring to.
  • Answer: Thanksgiving
Q 14.lTricky, tricky. The wheel is trying to spin you out. What are these clues referring to?
  • Answer: Anatomy
Q 15.Famous monuments! Where are these located?
  • Answer: London
Q 16.Which famous series are we referring to here?
  • Answer: Lord of the Rings
Q 17.In which city would you find these two places?
  • Answer: Rome
Q 18.What are we referring to here?
  • Answer: Types of monkeys
Q 19.Where do these belong?
  • Answer: In a chess set
Q 20.What are these species a type of?
  • Answer: Whales
Q 21.What are we talking about here?
  • Answer: Pliers
Q 22.What do these two people have in common?
  • Answer: Both were assassinated
Q 23.What are we referring to here?
  • Answer: Breeds of horses
Q 24.Where would you find these two cities?
  • Answer: Brazil
Q 25.What types of animals are these?
  • Answer: Mammals
Q 26.What type of diet do these two critters have?
  • Answer: Omnivorous
Q 27.Where would you find these objects?
  • Answer: Hospital
Q 28.Which country shares borders with the two clues?
  • Answer: Hungary
Q 29.Which country links both words?
  • Answer: Italy
Q 30.What do these signs stand for on the periodic table?
  • Answer: Metal