Q 1. Let’s start easy! Black and white bear-like animal, native to China. Two letters have been done for you already. Scroll down and fill in the WHOLE 5-Letter word.
✔️Right Answer: Panda

Q 2.Do you know the capital of Greece? Two letters have been filled out for you. Write the WHOLE word below!
✔️Right Answer: Athens

Q 3. Ohh, a picture clue for you! What breed of dog is this? Fill in the word below!
✔️Right Answer: Husky

Q 4. Which sport are we looking for here?
✔️Right Answer: hockey

Q 5. Famous US landmark starting with “Mount”. Type it in!
✔️Right Answer: rushmore

Q 6. A sports venue.
✔️Right Answer: Arena

Q 7. A type of monkey! Surely you know this one. Write it in below!
✔️Right Answer: Chimpanzee

Q 8. Tiny particles of matter on the ground or carried in the air.
✔️Right Answer: Dust

Q 9. American actor, last name “Phoenix”.
✔️Right Answer: River

Q 10. What could this be? And how do you spell it?
✔️Right Answer: edamame

Q 11.In a foreign country.
✔️Right Answer: Abroad

Q 12. A group of binary digits or bits.
✔️Right Answer: byte

Q 13. Optical phenomenon.
✔️Right Answer: halo

Q 14. A part of a wall at the end of a ridged roof.
✔️Right Answer: gable

Q 15. French classical composer.
✔️Right Answer: Debussy

Q 16. A space on a ship used for storing sails.
✔️Right Answer: sailroom

Q 17. What type of food are we looking at here?
✔️Right Answer: Samosa

Q 18. A place of study in a special field.
✔️Right Answer: academy

Q 19. To act according to someone's wish.
✔️Right Answer: comply

Q 20. To be full of energy and enthusiasm is to be _______ !
✔️Right Answer: exuberant