Q1.Welcome to our game of Mafia! All of our players have gathered together and are ready to uncover the mystery – it's VERY important you remember how each character looks!! 2 of these people are members of the mafia after all. But which ones? Click on ‘Next’ to start your investigation.
✔️Right Answer: Next

Q2.To play Mafia, you have to swap between night and day. During the night, the mafia will secretly eliminate one of the players. In order to save yourself, you’ll have to answer this question correctly: Who starred in ‘The Godfather’ (1972)?
  • Robert Downey Jr.
  • Keanu Reeves
  • Marlon Brando
  • Tom Hanks
 ✔️Right Answer: Marlon Brando

Q3.The next day has begun and it appears you’ve survived – one of the other players wasn’t so lucky. The player that’s missing, were they a man or a woman?
  • A man
  • A woman    
✔️Right Answer: A woman 

Q4.Night has come once more. Can you survive? Here’s the question you need to get right: Where did the mafia originate?
  • Napoli
  • Palermo
  • Sicily
  • Catanzaro
✔️Right Answer: Sicily

Q5.The cold light of day reveals that someone is missing. A man. Let’s see...did he have facial hair or not?
  • He did
  • He did not
  • It was a woman
✔️Right Answer: He did

Q6.With the arrival of night, you have a chance to turn things around. If you answer this riddle correctly, you’ll eliminate one of the mafioso: I am a brightener of days and yet I denote cowardice. What am I?
  • The moon
  • Friendship
  • The color yellow
  • The sun
✔️Right Answer: The color yellow

Q7.Nice! We’ve found one of the mafiosa. In order to protect yourself from retribution, you’ll need to answer this question: Which of these items was NOT held by our players?
  • Wallet
  • Shoulder bag
  • Corset
  • Camera
✔️Right Answer: Wallet

Q8.The nights are almost done! Answer this question to survive the second last of them: If a game of Mafia featured 28 players and one-seventh of those players were men, how many women are in the game?
  • 24
  • 22
  • 26
  • 20
✔️Right Answer: 24

Q9.Only 4 players remain! We need to solve this mystery fast. Time to use that memory of yours. The man on the far left has a pocket square tucked into his jacket pocket but the lady’s arm is obscuring it. How did he display it?
  • Like the man in green
  • Like the man in orange
✔️Right Answer: Like the man in green

Q10.You have one chance to catch the final mafioso! The hidden player shares a nickname with one real-life mob boss: ‘Big Tuna’. Which famous American mobster had this name?
  • Tony Accardo
  • Frank Nitti
  • Jim Colosimo
  • Sam Giancana
✔️Right Answer: Tony Accardo