Q 1.Why does Monica throw a ‘Christmas Summer Party’ during Season 2?

  • Because the rest of the gang are depressed
  • Because Joey refuses to eat anything but ice cream
  • Because she wants to find a good-looking date
  • Because her heating system breaks
✔️Right Answer: Because her heating system breaks

Q 2. What does the Holiday Armadillo want Ben to learn about in the season 7 Christmas episode?
  • Ross’s new girlfriend
  • How to be emotionally open
  • Paleontology
  • His Jewish heritage
✔️Right Answer: His Jewish heritage

Q 3. Which festive outfit does Phoebe dress up in to collect money for charity?
  • The Grinch
  • An elf
  • Santa Claus
  • A reindeer
✔️Right Answer: An elf

Q 4. Which of Ross’s girlfriends freaks him out by suggesting they send out a holiday card together?
  • Mona
  • Elizabeth
  • Charlie
  • Bonnie 
✔️Right Answer: Mona

Q 5. Phoebe is distraught when she sees old Christmas trees being thrown in the chipper. How do Monica and Joey make her feel better?
  • By convincing her that the trees are happy in heaven
  • By breaking the chipper
  • By taking her to plant a new tree
  • By buying her all the old trees
✔️Right Answer: By buying her all the old trees

Q 6. In Season 6, Rachel and Phoebe search Monica’s apartment to find out what she has bought them for Christmas. Where do they find the presents?
  • Under the window seat
  • Behind the fridge
  • In her closet
  • In the roof space
✔️Right Answer: Under the window seat

Q 7. During Season 3, Ross accidentally causes a Girl Scout to break her leg during her Christmas cookie run. How does he make it up to her?
  • By getting everyone to sign their name on her cast
  • By dressing up as Santa and bringing her presents
  • By selling her cookies himself
  • By buying her tickets to visit NASA
✔️Right Answer: By selling her cookies himself

Q 8. The episode “The One With the Girl From Poughkeepsie” includes Phoebe’s holiday song about the gang. Complete the lyrics:
  • cozy
  • no heat
  • below me
  • snowy
✔️Right Answer: snowy

Q 9. In Season 9, the gang are faced with the prospect of spending Christmas Day without Chandler. Why can’t Chandler be there?
  • He refuses to celebrate Christmas
  • He and Monica have broken up
  • He got trapped in an ATM vestibule
  • He is working in Tulsa
✔️Right Answer: He is working in Tulsa

Q 10. n Season 2, Chandler and Joey leave their Christmas holiday shopping so late that all the shops have shut. Where do they end up buying their presents for the gang?
  • From a hotdog stand
  • From Ross
  • At Central Perk
  • At the gas station
✔️Right Answer: At the gas station

Q 11. Where does the gang surprise Phoebe with a bunch of old Christmas trees?
  • Monica’s apartment
  • Ross’s apartment
  • Joey’s apartment
  • Phoebe’s apartment
✔️Right Answer: Monica’s apartment

Q 12. Who fixes the heating at Monica’s flat after her Christmas summer party?
  • Chandler
  • Joey
  • Treeger
  • Phoebe 
✔️Right Answer: Joey

Q 13. In season 6, what does Monica do when she sees the hideous decorating job that Chandler, Joey and Rachel have done?
  • Closes her eyes
  • Refuses to give them presents
  • Turns the tree around
  • Runs out of the apartment
✔️Right Answer: Turns the tree around

Q 14. During Season 2’s Christmas episode, Phoebe goes on a hunt to find her dad – who does she take with her?
  • Chandler and Ross
  • Joey and Ross
  • Rachel and Monica
  • Chandler and Joey
✔️Right Answer: Chandler and Joey

Q 15. What does Rachel do during the Christmas episode in Season 3 that devastates Gunther?
  • Quits her job at Central Perk
  • Throws away his Christmas card
  • Gets back together with Ross
  • Makes fun of his Christmas jumper
✔️Right Answer: Quits her job at Central Perk

Q 16. Phoebe confesses to her friends that as a child she was so poor that she never had a bicycle. Who buys her one?
  • Monica
  • Ross
  • Joey
  • Chandler
✔️Right Answer: Ross

Q 17. We all know that Ross dresses up as the Holiday Armadillo for Christmas in season 7. But what does Joey dress up as?
  • The Holiday Lion
  • Rudolph
  • A sandwich
  • Superman
✔️Right Answer: Superman

Q 18. What does Rachel say before Christmas dinner?
  • “I can help, but I don’t want to!”
  • “Taste it first.”
  • “Presents first. Food later.”
  • “Can’t be that bad.”
✔️Right Answer: “Presents first. Food later.”

Q 19. When Monica realizes that Rachel, Phoebe and Chandler have been searching her apartment for presents she lets slip what she got Chandler for Christmas. What did she get him?
  • A La-Z-Boy recliner
  • His favorite chocolate
  • An electric toothbrush
  • A water purifier
✔️Right Answer: A water purifier

Q 20. What song is playing when Joey and Chandler are in the cab talking to Phoebe about her dad?
  • Nat King Cole “The Christmas Song”
  • Silent Night
  • Wham! ‘‘Last Christmas’’
  • Celin Dion ‘‘So this is Christmas’’
✔️Right Answer: Nat King Cole “The Christmas Song”

Q 21. In Season 5, the whole gang decide to make a New Year’s resolution. What does Joey resolve to do?
  • Eat turkey every day of the year
  • Give up on his acting career
  • Find a girlfriend
  • Learn how to play guitar
✔️Right Answer: Learn how to play guitar

Q 22. During the first season, someone special is introduced to the gang on New Year’s Eve. Who is it?
  • Marcel
  • Janice
  • Ugly Naked Guy
  • Gunther 
✔️Right Answer: Marcel

Q 23. In 'The One with All the Resolutions', Ross decides to try something new every day of the year. Which new item of clothing does he buy?
  • Leather pants
  • A summer vest
  • Dungarees
  • A pair of platform shoes
✔️Right Answer: Leather pants

Q 24. At which New Year’s Eve show do Monica and Ross exhibit their dance routine?
  • Jools’ Annual Hootenanny
  • New Year’s Eve Live
  • All American New Year
  • Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve
✔️Right Answer: Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve

Q 25. During Monica’s New Year's Eve party, Chandler is distraught that he has no-one to kiss at midnight. Who kisses him?
  • Monica
  • Ross
  • Phoebe
  • Joey
✔️Right Answer: Joey

Q 26. Who invites Monica and Ross to Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve?
  • Carol
  • Janine
  • Mona
  • Kathy 
✔️Right Answer: Janine

Q 27. In Season 1, Monica throws a New Year’s Eve party. Beforehand, the gang make what promise to one another?
  • To run outside in the snow
  • To prevent Janice from coming
  • To bring no dates to the party
  • To find a date at the party
✔️Right Answer: To bring no dates to the party

Q 28. In "The One with All the Resolutions", Rachel makes the New Year’s resolution to stop gossiping. What piece of juicy gossip does she find out during the episode?
  • That Joey is sleeping with his director
  • That Ross has lost his job
  • That Phoebe is pregnant with triplets
  • That Monica and Chandler are together
✔️Right Answer: That Monica and Chandler are together

Q 29. When Joey makes his New Year’s Resolution to learn guitar, Phoebe agrees to teach him. She has one rule – what is it?
  • He has to pay $100 per lesson
  • He can ask her any question he wants
  • He is only allowed to play her songs
  • He can’t touch the guitar
✔️Right Answer: He can’t touch the guitar

Q 30. What does Ross vow to do only once in 1999?
  • Talk about dinosaurs
  • Get divorced
  • Kiss Rachel
  • Have a baby
✔️Right Answer: Get divorced