Q 1. Miss Moneypenny has called you in for a briefing at the headquarters of MI6, which is the foreign intelligence service of...
  • Ireland
  • Canada
  • The United States
  • The United Kingdom
✔️Right Answer: The United Kingdom

Q 2. Before you start your mission, you pay a visit to the quartermaster. Q suggests you take the car you used when you were investigating the Goldfinger affair. Do you remember what brand of car it was?
  • BMW
  • Aston Martin
  • Reliant
  • Rolls-Royce
✔️Right Answer: Aston Martin

Q 3. Moneypenny has given you a file with possible contacts of Dr Spitfire. You find the photo of someone you met on Crab Key Island when you were after Dr No. You should look her up. What was her name again?
  • Domino Derval
  • Tilly Masterson
  • Tatiana Romanova
  • Honey Ryder
✔️Right Answer: Honey Ryder

Q 4. Your old acquaintance proved to be a great source of... information. Apparently, Spitfire’s secret headquarters are somewhere in the Western United States. You should get in touch with your old friend at the CIA. What is his name?
  • J.W. Pepper
  • Felix Leiter
  • René Mathis
  • Bill Tanner
✔️Right Answer: Felix Leiter

Q 5. Your American friend has located one of Spitfire’s labs where you will likely find more clues. You disguise yourself as a technician. The gate is guarded by a huge henchman whom you have met several times before – he has distinctive metal teeth. To get past him, you must remember his name. What is it?
  • Oddjob
  • Valerian
  • Nick Nack
  • Jaws
✔️Right Answer: Jaws

Q 6. You’ve made it through. Inside the lab, you find encrypted documents. You recognise the code – but you can’t crack it. What you need is an old Soviet cryptography device, like the one you procured in Istanbul. What was it called again?
  • Enigma
  • Hebern
  • Lektor
✔️Right Answer: Lektor

Q 7. The coded document has revealed the exact location of Dr Spitfire’s secret lair. To get there, you need a helicopter, but for political reasons, the CIA can’t provide you with one. But there’s someone who can help: your father-in-law! You call MI6 and ask them to connect you to...
  • Miles Kincade
  • Marc Ange Draco
  • Luciano di Vincenzo
  • George Mansfield Smith-Cummings
✔️Right Answer: Marc Ange Draco

Q 8. You’ve managed to get to Spitfire’s HQ, but you’re quickly apprehended by a squad of henchwomen – all of whom you’ve met before. You need to use your charm to persuade one of them to let you go. Which of them can be trusted to eventually do the right thing?
  • B - Xenia Onatopp
  • D – Miranda Frost
  • A - Helga Brandt
  • C – May Day
✔️Right Answer: C – May Day

Q 9. Once again, your seduction techniques have worked! You make your way to Dr Spitfire’s office. But inside there’s a whole bunch of henchmen whom you had dealings with in the past - all except one, that is. Which of these minions have you never met before?
  • Bambi
  • Irma Bunt
  • Gobinda
  • Firecracker
✔️Right Answer: Firecracker

Q 10. Well done, 007! You’ve taken out all the henchmen – but Dr Spitfire locked himself in a panic room! It’s password-protected. Unscramble the letters on the access panel and see which of the options below fits.
  • A city
  • An auto brand
  • A song
  • A dish
  • An author
  • An actress
✔️Right Answer: A city