Easy Thanksgiving Quiz Answers Quiz-facts

Try this Turkey Day challenge before the gravy gets cold. Take off your pilgrim hat and put on your thinking cap to correctly answer these festive visual puzzles. Get ready. Set. Gobble gobble.

Q1 Which of these icons will complete the image?
  • ✔️Right Answer: A
Q2 Which path should the turkey take to get to its friends?
  • ✔️Right Answer: C
Q3 Which icon will complete this festive puzzle?
  • ✔️Right Answer: 
Q4 Can you solve this Turkey Day brainteaser?
  • ✔️Right Answer: 20
Q5 Look carefully. Which roasted turkey image is a bit different than the others?
  • ✔️Right Answer: B
Q6 Someone was very creative in cutting the pie. Tell us which of the four pieces perfectly matches the missing section.
  • ✔️Right Answer: A
Q7 Solve this riddle! You have 45 pumpkins and all but 27 are eaten. How many pumpkins do you have left?
  • ✔️Right Answer: 27
Q8 Which path leads the turkey to the White House so it can get its presidential pardon?
  • ✔️Right Answer: C
Q9 What number do you get if you multiply all four images together? Type your answer below.
  • ✔️Right Answer: 7,070
Q10 Which of these traditional Turkey day items does not belong in the same group as the others?
  • ✔️Right Answer: Apple Cider
Q11 Which glass contains the most apple cider?
  • ✔️Right Answer: D
Q12 Which piece is missing from this lovely nature scene in the fall?
  • ✔️Right Answer: C
Q13 This cornucopia is all scrambled up. Can you put it in the correct order?
  • ✔️Right Answer: BAC
Q14 Apples, pinecones, and chestnuts! Can you solve this fun and festive math problem?
  • ✔️Right Answer: 13
Q15 Can you fill in the missing image to complete this autumnal scene?
  • ✔️Right Answer: D
Q16 Looks like the feast is over. Time to clean up and put things away. In which quadrant is the dirty water pitcher?
  • ✔️Right Answer: C
Q17 Can you tell which pair of forefathers differs from the rest?
  • ✔️Right Answer: C
Q18 Can you tell which pair of forefathers differs from the rest?
  • ✔️Right Answer: C
Q19 Which of the following object groups are not featured in the image?
  • ✔️Right Answer: Fork, pecan pie, ham, banana 
Q20 Which of these four festive collages does not match with the other?
  • ✔️Right Answer: A
Q21 Can you fill in the missing piece to this autumnal cityscape?
  • ✔️Right Answer: D
Q22 Table etiquette is an important part of Thanksgiving, but it looks like someone missed something. Which place setting is not complete?
  • ✔️Right Answer: E
Q23 We've scrambled some words up below. Can you tell us which one matches the image?
  • ✔️Right Answer: NATUMU
Q24 Only a few people can read the inverted writing. Which word have we spelled here?
  • ✔️Right Answer: FALL
Q25 Which icon comes next in this puzzling sequence?
  • ✔️Right Answer: D
Q26 Can you select the right piece to complete this leafy image?
  • ✔️Right Answer: D
Q27 Can you fill in the missing image of this beautiful evening landscape?
  • ✔️Right Answer: C
Q28 What's the answer to this seasonal puzzle?
  • ✔️Right Answer: D
Q29 Read the riddle below. A farmer has 'X' amount of pumpkins. Tell us how many total pumpkins the farmer has based on the riddle.
  • ✔️Right Answer: 3
Q30 Help the turkey out. Are there more squares or triangles here?
  • ✔️Right Answer: More triangles