Answer Quiz Roblox Knowledge Quiz

1.Answer: 2005
2.Answer: David Baszucki
3.Answer: PS4
4.Answer: 100 Million Players
5.Answer: 552 Million Items
6.Answer: Dyna Blocks
7.Answer: Meepcity
8.Answer: Robux
9.Answer: Roblox Studio
10.Answer: Roblox University
11.Answer: The Builders Club
12.Answer: 34.3 Billion
13.Answer: 600
14.Answer: 40 Million Games
15.Answer: $100,000
16.Answer: 1.2 Billion Game Hours
17.Answer: Builderman
18.Answer: 65%
19.Answer: Roblox partnered with FC Barcelona this year
20.Answer: 1,000,000 Followers

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